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Best Marketing YouTube Channels

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Buy Box Experts

Full Disclosure, I work for Buy Box Experts. If you are an amazon seller, subscribe to their channel. James Thomson has great guests that discuss things that are important in the eCommerce world. Check it out!

Income School

These guys have a business where they help people grow their business on google organically. They own a bunch of websites and give you real-world examples and case studies of their own sites. You don’t really get that anywhere else. 


When I was creating my websites and looking for answers to issues I was having, his videos always seemed to pop up. He does a funny bit in most of his videos where he adds a scene from Arnold Schwarzenegger movies that I find funny. 

Channel Makers

This channel is part of the Income School Channel, but it is focused on creating a YouTube channel and not website creation.

Best Golf YouTube Channels

For many years I worked in the golf industry. I consumed as much golf content that I could get my hands on. These channels put out a lot of great stuff for all skill levels. 

Mark Crossfield

This is my favorite golf channel on YouTube. He and his partner are funny guys and teach golf improvement the way I like learning it. They use some cool technology and take an analytical approach. It is really cool. 

Rick Shiels Golf

Another good golfer that puts out great content. 


The duo that does this channel have some great content. 

Best Chess YouTube Channels

During the pandemic, a lot of people picked up online chess to pass the time while staying home. Me included. Here are some of the channels that I found super helpful while learning how to play chess. 

Gotham Chess

This was the first channel that I found. He had a bunch of quick opening tutorials to help me figure out which opening I wanted to study when I first started. I recommend beginning with those if you are just starting to learn chess and want to improve your chess rating. 

Hanging Pawns

This guy has some extremely informative, long form chess videos that covers a lot of the theory. After you go through the Gotham Chess quick tutorials and pick your first opening as the white pieces, I recommend finding the Hanging Pawns video for that opening and watching it. 

Best Basketball YouTube Channels

I moved into a new home recently that is only a few housed down from the basketball and tennis courts in our community. I was never a basketball player growing up, but I have enjoyed learning it all over again. Naturally, my competitive nature has taken over and I need to figure out how to beat the neighborhood kids. Those punks… 

Professor Live

He is really fun to watch. He does a bunch of crazy streetball moves and some tutorials. He was famous from the and1 mixtape tours that was really popular when I was growing up. 


An interesting channel that talk about phschology and other tutorials. 


This is the one I have watched the most recently. He is an instructor that teaches shot mechanics (hence the name) I have learned a lot about basketball very quickly watching this channel. 

Best Baltimore Ravens YouTube Channels

I grew up in the Baltimore area, so I still love my Ravens! I live in Southwest Florida now so the Ravens are not typically broadcast in my area unless it is a primetime game or they are playing Tampa or Miami. I follow the YouTube Channels below so keep a pulse on the latest news on my team!

Baltimore Ravens

Sometimes you gotta just go straight to the source. They may some great content that is short and sweet. 

410 Sports Talk

Two guys that have a great personality and have great content. More long form videos and discussion on the latest developments on the team. 

Ingraven Vids

He is a lot like me in that he lives in Florida and is a Ravens fan. He makes a lot of content and seems to stay on top of all the latest news.  #TeamKeepItClean

Other YouTube Channels I Follow

My other channels that I will browse if I have some free time!

Joe Rogan

Who hasn’t heard of this guy. The GOAT!

Louder With Crowder

He is really funny. Most political shows are dull. He is a comedian that does content on politics. 

Bill Burr

Bill Burr is one of my favorite comedians. He does a few podcasts each week. I don’t listen to every one, but the few I catch are usually pretty entertaining if you like that kind of sense of humor. 

Flagrant 2

He is a newer comedian that has recently gained a lot of popularity on YouTube. He is one I don’t listen to often, but when I do he has some pretty funny guests on and is good for some laughs!